The Fast Sensor/Actuator Network

INTERBUS was originally developed by Phoenix Contact and today, it is managed by the INTERBUS Club user organization. INTERBUS is an open Fieldbus network, standardized in the International standard IEC 61158. INTERBUS is very popular in automobile production. Today, the installed base is > 6 Million INTERBUS nodes. INTERBUS products are certified by the INTERBUS club for interoperability and compatibility with the INTERBUS standards.

INTERBUS has been designed as a fast sensor / actuator network for transmitting cyclic process data in industrial environments. Due to its transmission procedure and its ring topology, INTERBUS offers excellent features like fast, cyclical and time-equidistant transmission, optimal diagnostics and easy installation procedures.

INTERBUS is a ring system, i.e., all devices are actively integrated in a closed transmission path. Each device amplifies the incoming signal and sends it on, allowing higher transmission rates at longer distances. Unlike other ring systems, the data forward and return lines in the INTERBUS system are led to all devices via a single cable. This means that the general physical appearance of the system is an “open” tree structure. A main line exits the bus master and can be used to form seamless sub networks up to 16 levels deep. This means that the bus system can be quickly adapted to changing applications

The INTERBUS master/slave system enables the connection of up to 512 devices. The ring is automatically closed by the last device.The point-to-point connection eliminates the need for termination resistors. Many different topologies can be created. Branch terminals create branches, which enable the connection and disconnection of devices.

In addition to the copper cable based RS-422 transmission technology, INTERBUS offers a second transmission technology based on fibre optic media.

Network Type:    Master/Slave Fieldbus Communication system
Topology:    Active ring topology with branches
Installation:    Shielded twisted pair cables with 9-pole DSUB connectors.
Cable length max. 400m between 2 devices and up to 13km in total.
Alternatively, Fibre Optic media can be used.
Speed :    500kbit/s or 2Mbit/s
max. Stations :    1 Master and up to 511 Slaves
Data:    max. 4096 Bit I/O data
Network Features:   Fast and efficient Fieldbus communication system optimized for cyclic I/O data transfer
User Organization :   

Interbus Club

HMS is an active member of the Interbus Club and offers a broad range of certified Interbus products.