FIPIO - The Fast I/O Network

FIPIO was originally developed by AEG Schneider Automation and Telemecanique. Today, it is a member of the WorldFIP protocol standard family and managed by the WorldFIP user organization. FIPIO is standardized along with WorldFIP in the European Fieldbus standard EN 50170.

The FIPIO Fieldbus is a Fieldbus communication system enabling max 256 devices to be connected together via a serial line. FIPIO is a subset of the WorldFIP standard, which is based on producer/consumer mechanisms. It is optimized for decentralized I/O systems, supporting both deterministic process data-transfer and acyclic messaging.

Network Type:   Provider/Consumer based Fieldbus network
Topology: Very flexible with line, start or tree topologies:
Optional intrinsically safety with IEC 61158-2 MBP technology
Installation:   Shielded twisted pair cable with 9-pole D-SUB connectors
Speed:   1 Mbit/s or 2,5 Mbit/s
31,25 kbit/s with IEC 61158-2 MBP intrinsic safe technology
max. Stations :    Max 256 nodes
Data:    Fast cyclic I/O data and acyclic parameter data
Network Features :    Provider/Consumer based advanced Fieldbus network and subset of the WorldFIP standard optimized for decentralized for the communication of intelligent field devices
User Organization:   WorldFIP User Group