Real Time, Control Network
ControlNet is a member of the CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) network family. ControlNet offers good real-time capabilities providing high-speed deterministic transmission for time-critical I/O data and messaging data. ControlNet was developed by Rockwell Automation and today, it is managed by the ControlNet International User organization. ControlNet is a very popular network for time critical applications based on Rockwell Automation technology. ControlNet products are certified by the ControlNet International user organization, guaranteeing worldwide compatibility

Producer/Consumer Communication
ControlNet is standardized in the European standard series EN 50170. It uses coax cables and a transmission speed of 5 Mbit/s. The Media Access method is taking full advantage of the Producer/Consumer model and allows multiple controllers to control I/O on the same wire.

ControlNet is highly deterministic and repeatable and thus meets critical requirements for synchronized and coordinated real-time motion control applications. Determinism is the ability to reliably predict when data will be delivered, and repeatability ensures that transmit times are constant and unaffected by devices connecting to, or leaving, the network. These features are further enhanced with user selectable I/O and controller interlocking update times to match application requirements.

Configuration with EDS-Files

During the setup phase of the ControlNet network, the Controlnet Master Scanner must be configured with a special configuration tool such as Rockwell's RSNetWorx. The configuration process is based on electronic device data sheets (EDS-Files) which are required for each ControlNet device. EDS-Files are provided by the device manufacturers and contain electronic descriptions all relevant communication parameter and objects of the ControlNet device.

Network Type:    Provider/Consumer Fieldbus communication network
Topology:    Flexible with line, bus, tree or star topologies
Installation:    RG-6 coax cables with BNC connectors
Media redundancy optional
Network length up to 1000m; with Repeaters extendible up to 25km
Data Rate :    5000 kbit/s
max. Stations :    99
Data:    Data Packets with 0 - 510 byte
Network Features :    Provider(Consumer Real Time Fieldbus network optimized for control applications with high demands on deterministic and fast I/O data transmission and capabilities for simultaneous parameter and file data transfer.
User Organization:   ControlNet International (CI)

HMS is an active member of the ControlNet User Organization and participates actively in the further standardization of the ControlNet technology. HMS offers a broad range of certified ControlNet products.