CC-Link - Control and Communication Link
CC-Link is a Fieldbus network that processes both cyclic I/O data and acyclic parameter data at high speed. CC-Link was developed by Mitsubishi and today, it is managed by the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA). CC-Link is a very popular network in Asia. Worldwide, it is used for time critical applications based on Mitsubishi Automation technology. CC-Link products are certified by the CLPA, guaranteeing worldwide compatibility

CC-Link is a Fieldbus for high-speed communication between controllers and intelligent field devices like I/Os, sensors and actuators. In networks with up to 65 stations, it provides reliable communication without any need for repeaters. Supported by a broad spectrum of automation equipment from many manufacturers, CC-Link provides communication facilities for integrated and efficient production or process facilities via a single cable. Its fast response times are the result of uncomplicated and highly-effective protocols.CC-Link includes many advanced features such as stand-by master function, detach and auto return Slave function as well as auto recovery from communication fault functions..

CC-Link/LT complements the CC-Link Fieldbus system with a lean version optimized for low level I/O communication. CC-Link/LT operates at lower baudrates and restricts the communication to cyclic I/O data in bit format only. CC-Link/LT uses a 4 wire twisted pair cable and provides data and 24 Volt power supply for the devices via the same connection. CC-Link/LT is often used as a subnet and can seamlessly be integrated into the CC-Link network via a bridge.

Configuration with CSP-Files
During the setup phase of the CC-link network, the CC-Link Master must be configured with a special configuration tool. such as Mitsubishi´s CC-Link configurator. The configuration process is based on electronic device data sheets (CSP-Files) which are required for each CC-Link device. CSP-Files are provided by the device manufacturer and contain electronic descriptions all relevant communication parameter of the CC-Link device.

Network Type:    High speed Master/Slave Fieldbus communication system
Topology:    RS-485 based line topology with terminations at the beginning and end of each segment
Installation :    Shielded twisted pair cable with 9-pin DSUB connectors
Speed :    156 kbit/s - 10 Mbit/s
max. Stations :    64
Data:    Transmission of Bit and Word Data packages
Network Features :    Fast and reliable Master/Slave Fieldbus communication system
User Organization:   CC-Link Partner Organization (CLPA)

HMS is an active member of the CC-Link User Organization and offers a broad range of certified CC-Link products.

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