asi logoAS-Interface - Actuator Sensor Interface

AS-Interface,(AS-i) the Actuator sensor Interface is not an universal Fieldbus for all areas of automation, but rather an economically reasonable system for the lower field level. The AS-Interface is optimized to network binary sensors and actuators to the higher control level.

The AS-Interface, which is more an intelligent form of cabling than a true fieldbus, neither can nor intends to replace complex networks. But on the lower level of industrial communication, the Sensor/Actuator Level, the system stands out with its simple and cost-effective solutions. Cost-effective, rugged AS-Interface components are especially suited for use in harsh industrial environments. AS-i
products are certified by the AS-International user organization guaranteeing worldwide compatibility.

The interface is an enduring part of the modern industrial landscape. Many sensors and actuators can be networked through the 2-wire cable, which also supplies the power. By eliminating the cable trees of traditional cabling and replacing them with the yellow AS-Interface cable, significant cost reductions through simple wiring without a lot of training are the result.

Thanks to its simple, defined electromechanical interface the AS-Interface can be installed without the need for any special expertise. The "Snap and Go" cable penetration system has proven itself. The freely selectable network topology and ease of configuration make installation that much easier. Ease of assembly requiring little prior knowledge reduces downtime when faults occur.

The fault susceptibility of other systems often results in assembly delays, so the AS-Interface was consciously designed to reduce error sources. The special profile of the AS-Interface cable prevents reversal of the poles when connecting devices, and is just one example of the measures taken to reduce error frequency. Installation, a large cost factor, is drastically reduced by using the system. The low installation costs show the AS-Interface to be a technically and economically realistic solution to the normal fieldbus.

Network Type:    Master/Slave Communication System
Topology:    Very flexible with Line, Bus, Star or Tree Topology
Installation :    Special (yellow) unshielded cable with 2 wires providing data and 24 Volt power.
Alternatively data and power on separate cables 100m length per Segment, extendible up to 300m with Repeaters
Data Rate :    167 kBit/s
max. Stations:    1 Master and up to 62 Slaves
Data :   

each Slave: - 4 bit digital Input and 3 Bit digital Output Data
Total:            - up to 248 bit digital Input and 186 bit digital Output data
                      - 124 analog values

Network Features : Simple Master/Slave communication system optimized for small amounts of data and with a maximum bus cycle time of 10ms.
User Organization :   AS-International

HMS is an active member of the AS-Interface User Organization and offers a broad range of certified AS-Interface products.