Anybus X-gateway™ - Questions & Answers

Read the most common questions about the Anybus X-gateways

Q: Do I need to program or configure the Anybus X-gateway in any way before commissioning the gateway on the networks?
A: At shipment the X-gateway contains default settings. These are 20 bytes inputs and output on each network side and the X-gateway is configured to clear data on one side if there is a loss of network communication. For adjustment of these I/O sizes or changing any of the other default setting, just connect the serial cable that comes with the X-gateway to the serial port of a PC. Start a terminal program such as “Hyper-Terminal” and a menu system will make it possible to change from default settings. All changes are stored on a internal flash memory.

Q: I use the Anybus X-gateway with Ethernet to Profibus Slave. How do I configure the IP address of the Ethernet interface?
A: There are several ways of doing this, see the user manual. The easiest way is to download the free software program “Anybus IP config” on your PC and connect it to your Ethernet network. The software will scan the network for devices with Ethernet interfaces from HMS and display these in a window. For this window you can select IP address, Host name etc. The software can be downloaded from the support section for the X-gateway.

Q: Do I need any additional configuration files to install the X-gateway to my fieldbus network?
A: For DeviceNet, ControlNet and Ethernet/IP the customer needs an EDS-file (Electronic Datasheet) for Profibus and CANopen there are similar files that need to be imported in the PLC/Networking commissioning tool used by the customer. These files are downloadable from this website on the support section for the X-gateway.