Anybus-IC Evaluationboard

The Anybus-IC EVB is intended for evaluation of the Anybus-IC modules . With the EVB it is possible to initialise the module and monitor the data exchange directly from a terminal program on a PC.

The EVB is complete with all hardware to be able to set adress, baudrate and monitor the fieldbus status LEDs. It is also possible to read out ( 2 bytes ) and set data ( 2 bytes ) to the fieldbus master directly on the board .

On the board, the SCI channel can be connected via the RS232 interface, for direct accces from a PC. Serial cabling are included in the kit for the SCI channel and the monitoring channel.

Also included in the Anybus-IC EVB:
Manuals for the ABIC modules and an easy startup manual for the EVB. Example software
Example schematics of carrier board for the AnyBus-IC.

  Serial port for SCI communication (with RS-232 line drivers)
  Serial port for the monitor interface (with RS-232 line drivers)
  Switches and LEDs for easy monitoring and setting of fieldbus data
  Baudrate and Station Number configuration via switches or monitor interface
  Possibilty to easy exchange between different AnyBus-IC (fieldbuses)

Notice:   The Anybus-IC module needs to be ordered separately
Code:   017499