Single Chip for Profibus

The Anybus-IC is a complete Profibus slave interface on a 32 pin dual in-line housing. It can be inserted into a host product with only a 5 volt 150mA power supply, and a Profibus connector required to achieve instant connection to the Profibus network.

Combining both the SCI & SSC interfaces this chip can send a total max of 144 bytes input & 144 bytes output data. In stand alone mode, no external microprocessor is required and the chip can handle up to 16 bytes input and output signals directly. Alternatively, the chip can be connected via a serial connection to any microprocessor and sends up to 128 bytes of Input and 128 bytes Output data.

  Common application interface permitting interchangeability with other networks
  DC/DC converter and Opto Couplers onboard
  SCI interface with (Modbus RTU protocol)
  SSC interface for data exchange (data in, data out, clock, load)
  Configuration and monitoring via PC configuration port
  Max 144 bytes of I/O data plus additional parameter data
  CE, UL and cUL marked

Taille:   42 mm x 21 mm x 15 mm
Power Supply:   +5V max 150mA
Température:   -40 - +85°C
Baud Rate:   standard baud rates up to 12Mbit/s
I/O Input:   SSC+SCI Max 144 bytes
I/O Output:   SSC+SCI Max 144 bytes
Interface Appl:   Serial
Host interface:   Shift register for stand-alone. Serial 2-wire for use with an external processor. 2nd serial 2-wire for diagnostics and monitoring
Max I/O data SCI:   128 bytes Input & 128 bytes Output
Max I/O data SSC:   16 bytes Input & 16 bytes Output
Code:   AB6000