Profibus-DP/DPV1 Master Interface

The Anybus-M Profibus-DP/DPV1 Master has a powerful
4kbyte DPRAM that allows fast transfer of up to 1536 bytes of cyclic Input and 1536 bytes cyclic Output data.

In addition, acyclic parameter data can be transferred with Class1 or
Class 2 DPV1 services. It supports connection of up to 125 slaves at baudrates up to 12 Mbit/s. The Profibus configuration is defined with Anybus NetTool for Profibus, the configuration software for Profibus from HMS.
Configuration is downloaded to the module via the RS232 configuration port or through the DPRAM application interface.

FDT/DTM technology is also supported. By using the Anybus comDTM this card can be used as an access point for an FDT tool such as Pactware or Fieldcare for configuring Profibus slave devices via the Profibus network, either directly on Profibus-DP or via a DP/PA converter.

Functions for Hot StandBy (HSBY) are included as well. This is useful for applications requiring a higher level of availability often required in process industry. HSBY can also be referred to as "controller redundancy".

  Complete Profibus DP/DPV1 Master according to IEC 61158
  Built on Siemens ASIC ASPC2 Step E with Infineon C165 Microprocessor
  4 kbyte Dual Port RAM
  Up to 125 slaves can be connected
  Up to 1536 bytes input & 1536 bytes Output data
  RS-485 optically isolated Profibus interface with on-board DC/DC converter
  Tested and Approved for Profibus conformance
  Up to 12 Mbit/s on Profibus
  Configuration using NetTool for Profibus
  UL and CE certified
  DPV1 Class 2 services supported
  Hot StandBy support (controller redundancy)
  FDT support using Anybus comDTM

Taille:   54 mm x 86 mm x 15 mm
Power Supply:   +5V max 370mA
Température:   0-70°C
Baud Rate:   9.6, 19.2, 93.75, 187.5, 500, 1500, 3000, 6000, 12
I/O Input:   1536 bytes
I/O Output:   1536 bytes
Interface Appl:   Parallel
Configurator:   NetTool-PB (Config program) to be ordered separately
Optional Order Code:   018330 (NetTool-PB configuration software for Profibus)
UL file:   E214107
Code:   AB5030