Modbus RTU Slave Interface

The Anybus-S Modbus RTU is available with a 2k byte parallel Dual Port Ram interface. Modbus station address and baud rate can be selected via switches on the front side of the module or by software via the application interface.

A bus termination switch is located on the front side of the module. A DC/DC converter and optocouplers are provided onboard.

  Modbus RTU Slave functionality according to Modbus Protocol ref guide (PI-MBUS-300)
  Total 512 bytes input & 512 bytes output via DPRAM (up to 2048 bytes IN/OUT with internal memory)
  DPRAM parallel application interface
  Baud rate (1200 bit/s - 57,6 kbit/s)
  Full interchangeability with AnyBus-S modules for other networks
  CE, UL & cUL Tested
  RS-485 or RS-232 optically isolated Modbus interface with on-board DC/DC converter.

Taille:   54 mm x 86 mm x 15 mm
Power Supply:   +5V max 210mA
Température:   0-70°C
Baud Rate:   1200 bit/s - 57,6 kbit/s
I/O Input:   512 bytes via DPRAM
I/O Output:   512 bytes via DPRAM
Interface Appl:   Parallel
Max Data:   up to 2048 bytes IN/OUT with internal memory
Modbus commands 1:   Read Coil Status, Read Input Status, Read Holding Registers, Read Input Registers, Force Single coil
Modbus commands 2:   Preset Single Register, Diagnostics (Subfunctions: 0, 10, 12, 13, 14 is supported), Force Multiple Coils, Preset Multiple Registers, Mask Write 4X Register, Read/Write 4X registers
UL file:   E214107
Product Life Cycle:   Mature (not recommended for new in-designs)
Code:   AB4460