DeviceNet™ Slave/Adapter Interface

The hardware is based on the NP30 network processor developed by HMS, and has been tested at a test center and conforms to the latest test specifications.

This high performance DeviceNet Slave provides instant connectivity to the DeviceNet network. Functionality supported is Quick Connect, Automatic baudrate detection and Unconnected Message Manager (UCMM). Baud rate and MAC ID can be set via on-board DIP switches and from the network.
A max of 512 bytes of input and output data are available, with up to 2048 bytes available through the mailbox interface.

  DIP switch select baud rate and MAC ID.
  Dual Port (DPRAM) parallel interface
  Baud rate 125-500 kbit/s
  Optically isolated DeviceNet interface
  Max 512 bytes of input & output data.
  Max 2048 bytes of input & output data via mailbox interface
  Full interchangeability with AnyBus-S modules for other networks.
  Automatic baudrate detection
  Unconnected Message Manager (UCMM)
  Quick Connect support

Taille:   54 mm x 86 mm x 15 mm
Power Supply:   +5V max 450 mA
Température:   0-70°C
Baud Rate:   125-500 kbit/s
I/O Input:   Max 512 bytes
I/O Output:   Max 512 bytes
Traits:   Quick Connect and Automatic baudrate detection
Interface Appl:   Parallel
Parameter data:   Max 2048 bytes Input & Output
UL file:   E214107
Configuration:   EDS file, Dip switch, from host product or from the network
Product Life Cycle:   Mature (not recommended for new in-designs)
Code:   AB4004