ModbusTCP Master/Client - Profinet IO Device

The new Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP series makes it possible to integrate Modbus-TCP devices into almost any other PLC system and their supported networks. The X-gateway provides Modbus-TCP server connectivity to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks. Get up and running quickly with easy setup made in just a few steps.
Modbus-TCP is used for communication between intelligent devices, sensors and instruments; to monitor field devices using PCs and HMIs. Typical industry usage includes: Factory Automation, Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy Distribution, Oil and Gas and Manufacturing.

It is an intelligent gateway platform, which provides one side of the gateway with a Modbus-TCP Client (Master) interface and any one of 9 different fieldbus/Ethernet Slave interfaces on the other side. It basically forwards I/O data from one network to the other and vice versa.

Configuration is made with a standard web-browser. An easy-to-use tool for TCP/IP configuration is also available, the Anybus IPconfig. The uplink fieldbus or Ethernet slave interface to the PLC is configured with a standard device description file (GSD/EDS) in the PLC engineering tool.

Profinet IO
With a broad range of devices supported, the Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP for Profinet IO provides the user with one of the most comprehensive solutions for solving Profinet IO to Modbus-TCP connectivity. In order to optimize the user experience, HMS provides free worldwide technical support for all of its products.

  Slim housing
  Downlink Live List providing Modbus-TCP transaction status to uplink PLC
  Control and Status words for downlink network control/status
  Individual Modbus-TCP server port number setting
  Up to 64 server connections and transactions
  Modbus-TCP 10 mS minimum scan time with dynamic bandwidth calculation
  Byte Swap feature
  Full Modbus address range (1-65536)
  Live List and Control/Status words in I/O data
  2 port switch on Modbus-TCP and Profinet IO allows "daisy chaining" on both networks
  Profinet IO side supporting SNMP with support for the following mibs: LLDP and MIB-II
  Profinet IO fast start-up supported
  SD-card for Easy Replacement, configuration copy and backup (SD card ordered separately)
  UL Haz. Loc. and ATEX certified (UL Class 1 Div. 2 GP A, B, C, D, T4, File E203225. ATEX Cat. 3 Zone 2, EX nA IIC T4 Gc, II 3 G, Demko 12 ATEX 1062524X)

Taille:   110 mm x 35 mm x 101 mm
Power Supply:   24VDC (-15% +20%)
Température:   -25 to +70°C
Consommation:   typical 150 mA
I/O Input:   256 bytes
I/O Output:   256 bytes
Puissance Mécanique:   IP20
Modbus-TCP baud rate:   10 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s (auto detect)
Wall Mount Bracket:   Order number 021520-B
SD-card:   Order number 021530-B (industrial grade)
Code:   AB9007