CC-Link Drive Profile Plug-In Module

The Anybus-CompactCom Drive Profile range of products extends the Anybus-CompactCom concept with additional Drive Profile functionality. This extended software functionality makes it easier for drive manufacturers to make products which comply with the latest communication standards for drives. The Anybus-CompactCom Drive Profile CC-Link communication module provides instant CC-Link Drive Profile connectivity via the uniform Anybus-CompactCom host interface. Any device that supports this standard can take advantage of the features provided by the module, allowing seamless network integration regardless of network type. The module support Drive operations according to the Inverter profile of CC-Link. When used in standard mode the module support CC-Link version 1, but can during initialisation be configured for CC-Link version 2 functionality.

  Remote bus device
  Drive Profile operation according to the Inverter Profile
  Galvanically isolated bus electronics
  CC-Link parameter channel support according to the Inverter Profile
  Up to 128 I/O (bit) points and 16 words (16 bit) of data (CC-Link v.1)
  Up to 896 I/O (bit) points and 128 words (16 bit) of data (CC-Link v.2)
  Automatic CC-Link System Area handshaking
  Possibility to customize Vendor Code, Model Code and Version via application interface

Taille:   52 mm x 50 mm x 22 mm
Power Supply:   3,3 Volt
Température:   -40 to +70°C
Baud Rate:   156kbit/s to 10Mbit/s
Config Méthode:   Application interface (switch 1&2)
Interface Appl:   Parallel and serial
Order Code:   AB6373 (Without Housing)
PLCM:   Limited (not recommended for new in-designs)
Code:   AB6273