Profinet IRT Device - CANopen Slave

The Anybus X-gateway copies I/O-data in both directions thus enabling data exchange between the two networks. Default I/O configuration is 20 bytes Input and 20 bytes Output. Changing default settings is very easy using the windows based configuration software Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway from HMS (free of charge).

The PROFINET interface works as a I/O-Device on the PROFINET IO or IRT network. The interface support up to 220 bytes of IO for both Input and Output data. The interface baud rate is 100Mbit/s (full duplex). Four LEDs will continuously indicate the actual PROFINET status and eventually error messages. The interface also supports the normal PROFINET Alarm functionality. The interface uses 2 normal RJ45 connectors for the PROFINET connection.

The PROFINET IO/IRT interface also support functions like Webserver and FTP functions. The IT functions can be used simultaneously with the PROFINET communication.

The CANopen interface is an adapter class product allowing fast data exchange. The CANopen slaves data map consists of Process Data Objects (fast data) and Service Data Objects (slow data). The data on the CANopen bus is updated when a change is made or on request from another node. The CANopen interface module is certified by the Can In Automation organisation and has proven conformance and interoperability with leading PLC´s, SoftPLC´s, HMI´s etc

  CANopen PDO and SDO data objects supported
  Integrated IRT switch functionality
  Dynamic webserver with flash disc
  Integrated 2 port switch
  CANopen profile DS-301 v.4.02
  Heatbeat and node guarding support

Taille:   114 mm x 44 mm x 127 mm
Power Supply:   24 VDC (±20%)
Température:   -25-65°C
Consommation:   max 400 mA at 24V
I/O Input:   220 bytes
I/O Output:   220 bytes
Puissance Mécanique:   IP20/Nema1
Power supply connect:   2-pole 5.08 mm Phoenix pluggable screw connector
CANopen baudrate:   10 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s
CANopen connector:   D-sub 9-pin male
CANopen address:   Node address 1-99
Price Group:   C
Code:   AB7915