Profinet IO 2-Port Plug-In Module

The PROFINET IO 2-port module with integrated 2-port switch is the latest member of the Anybus-CC family. It allows PROFINET IO real-time communication with line or bus topologies without the need for expensive external switches.

This module complies with PROFINET-IO conformance class B and incorporates a lot of new features: Network management (SNMP) for advance diagnostics, topology recognition (LLDP) for easy maintenance and “fast start-up" for advanced applications. As most other Anybus-CC Ethernet modules, it also includes industrial IT-functions such as an embedded web server and FTP-server, an E-mail client and a full featured TCP/IP socket interface.

The integrated 2-port switch allows PROFINET installations in bus or line topology as requested from many users, especially from the AIDA group of automobile manufactures. The PROFINET functionality includes easy and user-friendly device replacement without the need for additional engineering tools. Typical applications can be found in automation systems featuring a higher-level of machine control and requiring deterministic data transfer.

Energy management with PROFIenergy
The PROFINET IO 2-port module also supports energy management of field devices with PROFIenergy. The integrated profile server handles the PROFIenergy commands and parameters according to use cases 1 – 3 and provides a standardized hardware and software interface towards the electronics of the automation device. This new functionality with built-in software of the profile server is available from software version 1.20.

The PROFINET-IO 2-port module is backwards compatible (standard implementation) with the single port Anybus-CC PROFINET IO module (AB6215) concerning the Anybus interface, though it have a little higher current consumption (class B) and a different fieldbus ID. This module also have a different GSD file for the PROFINET configuration.
It can be plugged into any automation device with integrated Anybus-CC communication slot.

M12 connectors
The M12 version is available with and without housing. The version with housing will have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 20, just as the standard CompactCom modules with the default fieldbus connector. The version without housing will make it possible for the end user to design a product with protection rating up to IP67. This means that it is completely sealed from dust and can operate under water.

  Baudrate 100 Mbit/s (Full duplex)
  Complies with PROFINET IO Conformance class B
  SNMP with support for the following mibs: LLDP and MIB-II
  Supports up to 32767 ADIs
  LLDP is supported (Topologi scan)
  PROFINET fast start-up supported
  PROFINET Real Time and Web server
  Support for TCP/IP socket interface
  Max 256/256 byte IO data IN/OUT
  Transformer isolated Ethernet Interface
  Email functionality (SMTP)
  User downloadable web pages through FTP server
  Supports up to 64 modules, with 8 sub-modules / module
  Total number of 128 sub-modules supported
  Integrated PROFIenergy-Profile server (from software version 1.20)
  M12 version enabling IP ratings up to IP67

Taille:   52 mm x 50 mm x 22 mm
Power Supply:   3,3 Volt
Température:   -40 to +70°C
Baud Rate:   100 Mbits/s
I/O Input:   Max 256 Byte
I/O Output:   Max 256 Byte
Config Méthode:   GSD file for Profinet
Interface Appl:   Parallel and serial
Order Code M12:   AB6252, AB6352 (Without housing)
Order Code:   AB6321 (Without Housing)
Code:   AB6221