EtherCAT Plug-In module

The Anybus-CompactCom EtherCAT communication module provides instant EtherCAT connectivity via the patented Anybus-CompactCom host interface. Any device that supports this standard can take advantage of the features provided by the module, allowing seamless network integration regardless of network type.

The 100 Mbit/s EtherCAT interface uses 2 standard RJ45 connectors. It supports a simple low cost line structure, a tree structure, daisy chaining or drop lines - no expensive infrastructure components are required.

The EtherCAT protocol is based on the standard IEEE 802.3 layers according to ISO/OSI. The module physical layer is 100BASE-TX. The communication profile is the CANOpen adapter device profile using SDO´s and PDO´s for data communication.

M12 connectors
The M12 version is available with and without housing. The version with housing will have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 20, just as the standard CompactCom modules with the default fieldbus connector. The version without housing will make it possible for the end user to design a product with protection rating up to IP67. This means that it is completely sealed from dust and can operate under water.

  CANopen over EtherCAT (COE)
  Galvanically isolated bus electronics
  Network Identity customisation
  EMCY support
  Up to 256 bytes of fast cyclic I/O in each direction
  Up to 16383 ADIs can be accessed from the network as Manufacturer Specific Objects
  Generic Device Description File provided by HMS
  M12 version enabling IP ratings up to IP67

Taille:   52 mm x 50 mm x 22 mm
Power Supply:   3,3 Volt
Température:   -40 to +70°C
Baud Rate:   100 Mbit/s (full duplex)
I/O Input:   Max 256 Byte
I/O Output:   Max 256 Byte
Config Méthode:   Device Description file for EtherCAT
Interface Appl:   Parallel and Serial
UL file:   E214107
Order Code M12:   AB6255, AB6355 (without housing)
Order Code:   AB6316 (without housing)
Code:   AB6216