The Master Simulator can be used with nearly all CANopen slaves from different manufacturers.

The network scan function automatically detects and identifies all operational slaves in a CANopen network; even if the normally required EDS file is not available. Any CANopen slave can be set into operation. User friendly dialogs are used to exchange cyclic I/O or explicit message parameter data.

The Master Simulator consists of a Windows based Software and a CANopen USB-interface circuitry (Dongle). The Dongle is plugged into the USB port of the PC and provides on the other side a 9-pin D-Sub connector as the CANopen Interface. The Dongle is powered from the USB port.

  Easy to use test and diagnostic tool for CANopen slaves
  No programming required
  Read / Write of cyclic I/O data and Explicit messaging data (SDO & PDO's)
  Automatic CANopen address search
  Automatic detection of I/O data size
  Works even without EDS-File
  Supports all standard CANopen baudrates
  Ideal for mobile usage with laptops
  Connection via USB port

Power Supply:   Powered from USB port
Baud Rate:   All CANopen standard baudrates, 5-1000 kbit/s
OS support:   Win 2000/XP/Vista
Code:   019920