PROFINET IO interface with IRT

The embedded Anybus-S PROFINET interface is a complete PROFINET solution for a PROFINET IO device with IRT. All analog and digital components that are needed for a complete PROFINET IO interface with Isochronous-real time (IRT) are mounted on the module. The module is based on the Siemens PROFINET IO software technology for IRT and uses the Ertec 200 ASIC, providing integrated switch functionality.

The Dualport RAM based hardware and software interface for the PROFINET module is standardised and identical in functionality with all the other Anybus-S modules.

PROFINET Functions:
The PROFINET module works as a I/O-Device on the PROFINET network. The module support up to 220 bytes of IO for both Input and Output data. The module baud rate is 100Mbit/s (full duplex). Four LEDs will continuously indicate the actual PROFINET status and eventually error messages. The module also supports the normal PROFINET Alarm functionality. In the standard version the module uses 2 normal RJ45 connectors for the bus connection.

The PROFINET IO module also support functions like Webserver and FTP functions. The IT functions can be used simultaneously with the PROFINET communication.

PROFIenergy compliant
The Anybus-S modules for PROFINET IRT have been conformance tested in accordance to the green automation initiative of the automotive industry – PROFIenergy. PROFIenergy is a standard for saving energy in industrial devices. For example, it specifies how equipment should be switched off during idle times and unexpected pauses.

The integrated profile server handles the PROFIenergy commands and parameters and provides a standardized hardware and software interface towards the electronics of the automation device. This new functionality with built-in software of the profile server is available from software version 3.20.

  Max 2048 bytes acyclic Parameter data In DPRAM/Extended memory
  Integrated IRT switch functionality
  Backwards compatible with other Anybus-S modules
  Parallel 2k Byte Dual Port RAM Interface
  Baud rate 100 Mbit/s
  PROFINET Isochronous Real-time and IT functions
  Dynamic webserver with flash disc
  Max 220/220 byte IO data IN/OUT
  PROFIenergy compliant

Taille:   86 mm x 54 mm x 15 mm
Power Supply:   +5 Volt
Température:   0-70°C
Baud Rate:   100Mbit/s, full duplex
I/O Input:   Max 220 bytes
I/O Output:   Max 220 bytes
Config Méthode:   GSD file for Profinet
Interface Appl:   Parallel
Product Life Cycle:   Mature (not recommended for new in-designs)
Code:   AB4474