USB/Passive Plug-In module

The Anybus-CompactCom USB/Passive converts the serial bitstream of the serial host interface to USB and vice versa. On USB, the device acts as a standard serial adapter, which makes it transparent to any software using serial communications, i.e. no special software is required to be able to use the module. Acting only on the physical layer, the module performs no processing on the serial data itself.

  Completely transparent Interface
  Module Identification against the application
  Physical layer converter for USB
  Drivers supported by Silicon Laboratories,

Taille:   52 mm x 50 mm x 22 mm
Power Supply:   3,3 Volt (max 50mA)
Température:   -40 to +70°C
Baud Rate:   USB 12 Mbit
Sub Baud Rate:   Application side: Any up to 921.6 kbps
Interface Appl:   Serial
UL file:   E214107
Order Code:   AB6309 (Without Housing)
Code:   AB6209