Starter Kit

The Anybus CompactCom Starter Kit is a low-cost development kit for the Anybus CompactCom platform, which gives designers instant access to the capabilities of the Anybus CompactCom range of products.

The Starter Kit reduces the time-to-market and brings designs to reality quicker.

The kit allows both quick demonstration and in-depth evaluation capabilities, and enables a potential application to be designed and debugged into an advanced stage.

The Starter Kit includes an evaluation board which can be used to develop networking applications via the serial host interface channel.

The parallel host interface channel is not supported by the board, however when utilizing the Anybus CompactCom software driver from HMS (included in the Starter Kit), applications require very little adaptation to operate via the parallel host interface channel.

The Anybus CompactCom software driver provides a full driver between the application main software and the Anybus CompactCom modules. The driver handles functionality like interpretation of each telegram (process data, messages), control of handshake registers, time-outs (watchdog time-outs), process data mapping and checking of new data. In serial mode it also handles fragmentation, CRC calculations and retransmissions for example.

The evaluation board connects to a standard RS-232 type serial port (COM port), and operates at a wide range of voltages. The board features a reset switch, and configuration switches which are used to set the operating baud rate for the serial communications.

  Includes software driver (written in Ansi C) that can be ported into the application software for the data exchange between the application and the Anybus CompactCom modules
  Includes Anybus CompactCom evaluation board and test program for easy start up and testing

Power Supply:   +/- 7 - 24V (AC or DC)
Interface Appl:   serial
Included modules:   One AB6200 (Anybus CompactCom PROFIBUS DPV1) and one AB6201 (Anybus CompactCom DeviceNet)
Including:   Anybus CompactCom Starter Kit CD with Software Driver, Evaluation board, power and serial cable, four compatible Compact Com connectors, Manuals and Mechanical drawings.
Order Code:   018581
Code:   018580 (Without ABCC modules)