Profinet IO Device - CC Link Slave

The Anybus X-gateway copies I/O-data in both directions thus enabling data exchange between the two networks. Default I/O configuration is 20 bytes Input and 20 bytes Output. Changing default settings is very easy using the windows based configuration software Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway from HMS (free of charge).

The Anybus OPC Server is supported and included with this X-gateway. It enables fast and dynamic transfer of fieldbus data to and from e.g. SCADA/HMI/Enterprice level systems based on Microsoft Windows.

The CC-Link interface is a slave module for the CC-Link fieldbus system. It contains all the functionality needed to turn an application into a complete CC-Link remote device and it is configured to use the generic PLC profile. The CC-Link interface module is certified by the CLPA organisation and has proven conformance and interoperability with leading PLC´s, HMI´s etc

The Profinet IO interface is a complete solution for a Profinet IO slave Device. The module is based on the Siemens Profinet IO software technology.
The Profinet IO baudrate is 100Mbit/s (full duplex). The IP-address and additional IP-settings is easily configured with the Anybus IPconfig utility for Windows. Additional ways to set the IP-address are either via DHCP or the Profinet configuration tool. Four diagnostic LEDs will continuously indicate the actual Profinet IO status and possible error messages. The Profinet IO interface uses a normal RJ45 connector for the bus connection.
IT-functions like WEB-server, E-mail client, FTP-server are also supported. The IT functions can be used simultaneously with the Profinet IO communication.
Modbus/TCP is also supported with "Read Data" functions.

  SSI scripts used for easy display/control of process data on webpages
  Gateway diagnostics via WEB-pages
  E-Mail Client, FTP & Telnet Server
  Uses up to 4 occupied stations on CC-Link - configurable size
  Uses the CC-Link PLC profile for data exchange
  Profinet 100 Mbit/s twisted pair RJ45 connection
  Profinet IO and IT functions
  1 Mbyte storage space on Flash disk
  TCP/IP settings configurable with Profinet config tool, Anybus IPconfig or DHCP
  Support for CC-Link version 2.0 with extended data
  Support for Anybus OPC Server

Taille:   114 mm x 44 mm x 127 mm
Power Supply:   24 VDC (±20%)
Température:   -25-65°C
Consommation:   max 400 mA at 24V
I/O Input:   Default 20 bytes, CC-Link V.2: max. 368 bytes (max 896 I/O-points and 128 words) CC-Link V.1: max 48 bytes (max 128 I/O-points and 16 words)
I/O Output:   Default 20 bytes, CC-Link V.2: max. 368 bytes (max 896 I/O-points and 128 words) CC-Link V.1: max 48 bytes (max 128 I/O-points and 16 words)
Puissance Mécanique:   IP20/Nema1
Power supply connect:   2-pole 5.08 mm Phoenix pluggable screw connector
CC-Link baudrate:   156kbps to 10Mbps
CC-Link address:   Station 1-64
CC-Link connector:   5-pole 5.08 mm Phoenix pluggable screw connector
CC-Link config:   Configured by CC Link Master via CSP Config file (provided by HMS)
Profinet connector:   RJ45
Profinet IP-address:   Any valid IP-address
Profinet baudrate:   100Mbit/s
Price Group:   A
Code:   AB7661