Modbus RTU Master - ModbusTCP Slave/Server

Anybus Modbus Gateway (RTU to TCP)

With the Anybus Modbus gateway, you can connect Modbus RTU devices to Modbus-TCP networks. The gateway works as a translator between the two networks allowing up to 32 Modbus RTU-devices be connected to a Modbus-TCP network. The gateway features a Modbus-TCP Server functionality and internally performs a transparent conversion between the Modbus-TCP and Modbus RTU protocols.

Connection to Modbus RTU is made through a RS232/485 9-pole DSUB connector. Connection to Modbus-TCP is made through a standard Ethernet connector (RJ-45).

Configuration is easily done via the built-in web server. Just start a web browser and type in the IP number of the gateway (you can set the IP address of choice with the accompanying Anybus IP Config software).

A self-instructive menu system will appear for device settings, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

  Simple way to transmit I/O data between Modbus RTU and TCP.
  Proven and trusted in thousands of Modbus applications.
  Completely transparent data transfer giving users a lot of flexibility when doing system integration.
  Serial port (RS232/RS485) and Ethernet port (10/100 Mbit).
  Connect up to 32 Modbus RTU slaves.
  Very simple configuration (node address, IP-address etc).
  DIN-rail mountable.
  Acts as a Modbus-TCP server.
  Acts as a Modbus-TCP server.
  CE marked.
  Global free technical support and consultancy.
  Ul and cUL (E214107)

Taille:   70 mm x 86 mm x 57,7 mm
Power Supply:   9-32 VDC
Température:   Storage -40 - +85, Operating -40 - +65°C
Consommation:   70mA@24VDC (1.7W)
Baud Rate:   10-100 MBit/s
Sub Baud Rate:   up to 115 kBit/s
Puissance Mécanique:   IP20
Config Méthode:   IPconfig (NetbiterConfig) and WEB interface
Interface Appl:   RS232 and RS485
Housing:   Norm, 4 modules, DIN 35
Code:   AB7702