J1939 - Modbus RTU Slave

The Anybus X-gateway J1939 Gateway provides connectivity between a Modbus RTU (serial) network and a J1939 Heavy Duty vehicle (CAN) network. The ABX appears as a Modbus Slave device allowing a Modbus Master to read or write data from the J1939 network.
HMS provides the ABX with a Windows based configuration tool (BWConfig). This PC based software allows the user to map J1939 parameter (PGN) data into a range of memory addressable through the ABX Modbus RTU interface.

Configuration of the ABX is simple using BWConfig and consists of setting up an I/O table containing selected J1939 PGNs and the rate that each will be read or written from the J1939 network. BWConfig will then automatically map the I/O table to a range of addresses accessible from the ABX Modbus RTU interface. The configuration is downloaded from the PC to the ABX via an RS232 connection and is saved in FLASH memory.

  DIN-rail mountable - PE via DIN-rail
  Configuration via a Windows-based PC software tool (BWConfig)
  Wide power supply range (12-30 VDC)
  Rugged IP20 aluminium enclosure
  Designed for harsh industrial applications
  Supports FLASH field upgrades
  UL and ATEX certification for Ex Hazardous Locations
  Transmission and reception of all types of J1939 messages, including PDU1, PDU2, broadcast and destination specific.
  J1939 Transport Protocol for transmission and reception of large messages (9 - 1785 bytes). Both connection based (RTS/CTS) and broadcast (BAM) are supported.
  Support of all commonly used Modbus functions for reading and writing I/O data and diagnostics.
  Overall module, Modbus, and J1939 status and diagnostics accessible through Modbus diagnostic functions and addressable registers.

Taille:   126 mm x 110 mm x 42 mm
Power Supply:   12-30 VDC
Température:   0-65°C
Consommation:   Max 300 mA
Baud Rate:   4800, 9600, and 19200 bps on ModbusRTU
Puissance Mécanique:   IP20 / Nema 1
En charge du profil:   SAE J1939 (CAN)
Config Méthode:   BW Config
Interface Appl:   CAN and RS485
Price category:   A
US orders:   Contact HMS for US model numbers
Code:   AB7612