Modbus Plus Interfaces and Gateways

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Anybus products supporting Modbus Plus are divided into Embedded and Gateway product groups. Embedded products are designed for OEM integration which enables their products to support Modbus Plusor any other network.

Anybus Gateway products are designed for System Integrators, Machine Builders and End Users for use in industrial applications for automation and control, remote diagnostics and factory upgrades.

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Modbus Plus Gateways

  Anybus Communicator- Mbus Plus Serial Gateway
modbus plus serial gateway
Connects devices designed for serial communication to Modbus Plus
Serial RS232/422/485
Connects up to 31 nodes
Serial support for Modbus-RTU/ASCII
Easy to setup & install
  Anybus X-gateway - Modbus Plus to Other Network
modbus plus gateway
Connect a Modbus Plus Slave to almost any other Industrial Network
Modbus Plus to Fieldbus
Modbus Plus to Ethernet
Rugged industrial design
Easy setup ( no programming )

Embedded Modbus Plus Interfaces

  Anybus-S - Embedded Modbus Plus Slave Interface
modbus plus interface
High performance Slave interface card designed for OEM integration
Modbus Plus Slave Interface
2kB DPRAM parallel interface
Credit card sized