Anybus logo What you get with an Anybus-IC development

HMS does more than provide you with the products and solutions you need right now. We also work proactively to help you with new technologies and guide you during the delvelopment and your product life cycle.

Our customers do not only get world class products. Our goal is to become your partner that you can rely on, now and in the future. We grow long-term relationships with our customers and many of our customers view us as their communications department.

Over 1000 different device manufactures have embedded Anybus technology inside their devices to provide multiple network connectivity solutions for their automation products.

Get free consultancy to select the best communication
      solution for your application

HMS provides free of charge technical consultancy aimed to find the best possible connectivity solution for the communication requirements of your application.

Based on our 20 years of experience in industrial communication, our qualified sales and application engineers analyze your specific communication problem, explain the market trends and suggest the best possible solution.
Get up and running quickly with starter kits containing hardware, drivers and resources

HMS provides complete starter kits and evaluation boards, containing everything you will need to get started quickly with your hardware and software development

Get modules that are pre-certified by the authorized testing

All Anybus-IC interfaces are pre-certified by the authorized test labs regarding their compliance with the network protocol specifications and are proven for interoperability with the leading PLC manufactures.

Get continuous updates as the technologies evolve and

HMS continuously maintains the functionality of the Anybus-IC interfaces as new features and improvements are introduced by the fieldbus and industrial Ethernet user organizations. Anybus-IC always contain the latest protocol features so that your communication interface is always up-to-date without any further development efforts from your side. 

Get new network technologies as they come into the market
As new technologies evolve, HMS will extend the range of Anybus-IC interfaces with new versions making it easy for you to connect your automation devices to the latest technologies.
You will get communication without limits, helping you to expand your market share and keep your automation product in line with the technology leaders. 
Get local friendly dedicated support contacts from HMS's
global organization

Our qualified technical support engineers support you before, during and after your development.

We help you to speed up your development with free sample code, tips for your hardware design including exemplary schematics and 3D mechanical drawings of the Anybus-IC interfaces.

Our free developer trainings help you to understand the principles of the Anybus-IC hardware and software interfaces. Once you have started the In-Design of the Anybus-IC interface into your automation product, you will be guided by a personal support engineer helping you to use the flexibility of the Anybus-IC interfacesin the best possible way and to prepare your device for a successful certification.