Anybus-CC - Drive Profiles

ABCC Drive Profiles

The Anybus-CompactCom Drive Profile range of products extends the Anybus-CompactCom concept with additional Drive Profile functionality. This extended software functionality makes it easier for drive manufacturers to make products which comply to the latest communication standards for drives.

Device Profiles specify how the network communication system is to be used for devices for a specific application area. The use of profiles reduces engineering costs significantly, since the meaning of parameters related to the application is precisely specified. In practice, this means that PLC Function Blocks can be reused from one project to another, even if the device supplier differs. The system integrator will not have to learn a new way of communication for each new project, which otherwise often is the case even when the network protocol is the same.

Drive technology offers a typical example. Almost every industrial network on the market today contains a standardized Drive Profile. Examples of networks with profiles are:
• PROFIBUS with Profdrive

• DeviceNet with AC/DC Profile
• CANopen with DSP-402
• LonWorks with 6010 Variable Speed Motor Drive

Although these profiles are made for the same purpose, they differ a lot. These differences includes not only the physical medium and communication protocol, but also drive state machine, and the organisation and interpretation of drive parameters and data.

The Anybus-CompactCom Drive Profile handles this problem in a very efficient way, by providing a generic Drive Profile interface towards the host application. The Anybus module then adapts this interface as necessary to suit the profile of each network. Read More

    Fully compatible to the standard Anybus-CC hardware application interface
    A single new software driver can be used for both standard and drive profile versions of the Anybus-CC
    The specific drive profile functionality is implemented in the software of the Anybus-CC drive profile module
    Optimal for all power ranges from micro drives to large drives
    Added support for AC/DC drives using the profile with speed or torque subset
    Available for Profibus, DeviceNet & CANopen - CC-LInk and EtherNet/IP available Q1 2010