Network enabling and network migration solutions for Rockwell Automation

Encompass™ Partner Program and HMS
Rockwell Automation® Encompass™ Global Product Partner, HMS Industrial Networks, leads the Industrial Networking, Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Communications market and supplies products and technology to companies worldwide.  HMS offers migration, network enabling and protocol conversion solutions through the Anybus® X-gateway™ and Communicator™ product families, within the scope of the Encompass partner program for Rockwell Automation applications.

Network migration and connectivity gateways

Anybus logo Anybus® X-gateway™
The Anybus X-gateway family consists of over 200 different products aimed to connect almost every possible combination of two industrial networks.  The X-gateway supports 17 different fieldbus and Ethernet networks including all 3 CIP networks: DeviceNet, ControlNet and EtherNet/IP.  The X-gateway is DIN-rail mounted as a standalone device providing simple I/O data exchange between two networks.  Adapter functionality is provided on DeviceNet, ControlNet and EtherNet/IP in addition to scanner functionality on DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP. Additional slave and master interfaces are provided to allow simple integration of Rockwell Automation® products to other networks.

Click on the links below to see typical application examples

Migrating from Fiedbus networks to a modern EtherNet/IP network
Integrating Profibus devices to a CIP network architecture
Eliminating parallel I/O wiring to connect Profibus to a CIP network
Integrating Rockwell drives into Siemens PLC systems
Inter-connecting Profinet I/O devices to EtherNet/IP devices

Network enabling protocol converters

Anybus logo Anybus® Communicator™
The Anybus Communicator gateway family can connect almost any automation device with a serial communication interface to fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks. The Communicator performs an intelligent conversion between the serial protocol of the automation device and the chosen industrial network. The Communicator enables users, OEM’s and Systems Integrators to interface CIP-based fieldbus and Ethernet protocols to almost any device that uses a serial protocol over RS232, RS422 and RS485. Common serial devices the Communicator is used with include, Variable Frequency Drives, Barcode Scanners, Process Instrumentation and Weight Controllers

Click on the links below to see typical application examples

Network enable one or multiple DF1 devices via a serial RS-232/422/485 interface
Network enable one or multi industrial devices with a Modbus-RTU RS-232/485 serial protocol interface
Network enable industrial devices with a custom ASCII serial protocol