Using embedded Anybus Communication modules with Welding & Tightening applications

Welding and tightening controllers are mostly used in automotive applications and thus need to support the latest communication technology

Welding and tightening controllers are frequently used in the body shop or during final assembly of an automotive plant. The controllers are distributed over the production line. Typically, they are connected via real-time industrial Ethernet networks such as Profinet IO or EtherNet/IP to the to the local robot controller and in addition, they have a direct communication link via standard Ethernet-TCP/IP to the ERP and quality system of the production plant. The welding / tightening controller autonomously control the welding / tightening process and simultaneously it collects quality and statistical information. From the network point of view, the controller functions as a slave (IO device / adapter) in the real time communication and as an ordinary node in the non-real-time communication with the supervisory system. As modern industrial Ethernet standards such as Profinet IO or EtherNet/IP allow simultaneously real-time communication and standard TCP/IP transfers over the same network, one only network interface – that performs both functions at the same time - is needed.

With the embedded Anybus communication modules, HMS provides ready-to-use connectivity solutions for welding and tightening controllers. The embedded Anybus modules for industrial Ethernet support fast cyclic I/O real-time data exchange and simultaneously they permit non-real-time standard Ethernet-TCP/IP communication via the same physical Ethernet interface.  Thanks to the well defined Anybus application software interface, the internal software of the controller can access the real-time I/O-data and the Ethernet-TCP/IP socket interface in a standardized manner, independent if Ethernet/IP, Profinet IO or Modbus-TCP is used as real time network.

HMS provides three families of embedded communication modules that fulfill the communication requirements of welding and tightening applications

Anybus-CompactCom (Anybus-CC)
Plug-in communication modules contained in a robust plastic housing with a form factor similar to a compact flash card. Anybus-CC modules feature the latest Anybus technology combining high performance and low prices.
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Credit card sized communication interfaces containing all hardware and software functions needed to build a powerful communication interface for medium and large applications. Read more

Very small sized communication interfaces that fit into a standard DIL 32 socket. These tiny modules are tailor-made for small applications with limited requirements on performance and data size. Read more

Regardless which specific Anybus module in used, device manufacturers benefit from the principal advantages of the Anybus technology with up to 70% less development efforts, fast time-to-market, easier certification and continuous technology maintenance by HMS. Read more about the benefits of the Anybus technology. Read more