Using embedded Anybus Communication modules with Valve applications

Regardless of the type, electric, pneumatic or magnetic, valves need simple and flexible communication interfaces for fieldbus and industrial Ethernet

Valves are used everywhere in automation technology. Communication is one of the most important success factors and it is essential that the valves have a flexible network interface supporting as many networks as possible. Valves function as a slave / adapter in the network exchanging cyclic I/O data and parameters via the industrial network with the central controller (PLC / IPC). Valves are grouped into electric, pneumatic and magnetic valves, but regardless of the valve type, communication is essential.  A further differentiation a criterion is the mechanical rating with is typically IP20 for standard valves and IP54 or IP65 for devices that can be used outside a switching cabinet.

With the embedded Anybus communication modules, HMS provides ready-to-use connectivity solutions for all types of valves. Thanks to the well defined Anybus application interface, the electronics of the valve block does not need to differentiate between the different networks – the Anybus module cares about the differences and for the device electronics, all networks look the same.

HMS provides three families of embedded communication modules that fulfill the communication requirements of modern Valves.

Anybus-CompactCom (Anybus-CC)
Plug-in communication modules contained in a robust plastic housing with a form factor similar to a compact flash card. Anybus-CC modules feature the latest Anybus technology combining high performance and low prices.
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Very small sized communication interfaces that fit into a standard DIL 32 socket. These tiny modules are tailor-made for small applications with limited requirements on performance and data size. Read more


Customized Anybus Solutions
For high volume applications, HMS offers customized solutions based on the proven Anybus technology. Customized solutions offer the best price / performance ratio fulfilling exactly the specific customer requirements. Read more

Regardless which specific Anybus module is used, device manufacturers benefit from the principal advantages of the Anybus technology with up to 70% less development efforts, fast time-to-market, easier certification and continuous technology maintenance by HMS. Read more about the benefits of the Anybus technology. Read more