Using Anybus Communicator as external network interface for drives and inverters

Drives, that do not have an integrated network interface, can easily be connected to fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks via their RS-232 interface and the Anybus Communicator.

Flexible communication is a key successes factor for almost any drive. While most medium and large drives offer powerful integrated network interfaces, small and micro drives often only support serial communication via RS-232/485 interfaces with Modbus or other proprietary protocols.  In these cases, the Anybus Communicator can be used as an external interface to integrate the drive into almost any fieldbus or industrial Ethernet network.

The Anybus Communicator is connected to the RS-232/485 interface of the drive and translates the serial data stream into a fieldbus or industrial Ethernet protocol. The Communicator completely handles the protocol conversation and represents the drive as a slave/adapter on the network.  For the  controlling PLC (master / scanner) the drive functions as a standard node on the network with slave functionality. As the Anybus Communicator is available for almost any industrial network, the drive can be connected to many different networks with the same connectivity solution without additional development efforts. Read more

Depending on the complexity of the protocol conversation, the internal processing time inside the Anybus Communicator is in the range of 5 – 20 ms. Accordingly, the usage of an Anybus Communicator is not recommended, when the drive is part of a fast control loop with cycle time less than the internal processing time. In these cases, HMS recommends internal embedded connectivity solutions. Read more